Despite my best attempts to diversify the blog content, improvement reports remain our single most common feature.  

Why, you ask?

Because we’re awesome, that’s why.

Here’s Jayesh:

Full thread.

Note that even the autorefractor, aka. optometry’s Magic Eightball(tm), comes to the same conclusion here.

How’s this possible, day in, day out, all these gains from all these darling students?

The only entirely reasonable explanation is the obvious one.  Jake is actually back from the future, time traveled to your old timey past.   Coming from a future time where it’s already become entirely obvious to all of humanity that glasses are kind of a stupid way to deal with myopia.  Much like we stopped using ice picks to treat depression, eventually humanity realized that plastic lenses weren’t really a medical thing.  Just like so-called doctors in your time already stopped using leeches to drain your blood to cure the flu, we applied the same idea of some measure of logic and sanity to myopia.

So Jake actually isn’t just a mystical eye guru, last of his kind.  He’s just a regular dude from a future time where the optometry profession finally stopped acting ridiculous.  Seems like impossible voodoo magic today though, if you ask current time, old timey lens sellers.  

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