Let’s cover a few reader e-mails of great vision improvements (and one Facebook post) today.  

As usual we get quite a few of these e-mails.  I try to post as many as I can, although the best thing is to be a member of our darling Facebook group where you’ll get a lot more improvement reports, diopter discussions, and interesting Q&A threads.

First one up, DeAnn’s e-mail:

45 years of glasses!

Nice part, DeAnn figured most of it out all on her own.  Endmyopia is just a bonus now, for some tweaking of details for even better 20/20 gains.

Next, Alexandra’s -1.50 diopter reduction:

The usual gains.

Only two kinds of people.  Ones who care about their eyes, and ones who don’t.  

It seems a fair amount of readers find us through YouTube (and some of the clickbait titles I occasionally can’t resist).  Travel and spending time in places like Myanmar (less than 1% of homes have high speed Internet) doesn’t make video always easy or feasible, but I do keep posting more when I can!

Lastly, an interesting post from our Facebook group:


You can find natural myopia control minded optometrists out there.

In this case we’re on the right track, although there’s several things I’d caution Kristen not to necessarily try all at once.  Also multi focal lenses, not on my list of favorite things to use.  My full commentary on potentially helpful tweaks is in the Facebook thread.

Get rid of those glasses, one less “health condition” to burden your life with.  Go for real, natural 20/202 vision!