The nay sayers are right.  Jakey is a terrible eye guru.

We’re so many improvement reports behind right now, it’s pretty much official at this point:  we’ll never ever get caught up trying to post all of the great 20/20 gains reports here.

Also, hey.  How many optometrists have you ever heard saying anything like that?  Too many improvement reports to keep up with?  Fortunately these guys are still the sanctioned stewards of our collective vision quality.  Lobbying is awesome.  Let’s me sure we continue to support all that selfless rallying by the mainstream, hard at work trying to solve the global myopia epidemic.  

You’re thinking, Jake.  Stop being a monumentally sarcastic hippie and get to the point.

And right you are.  Progress update, by Troy:

IT Gains.

That’s a total of 2.75 less of the fake focal plane diopters, for those keeping score.

2.75 less total diopters, in a year.  “Incurable genetic condition”, my divine guru a**. And of course the astigmatism.  That’s also totally gone, in the span of a year.  One might be inclined to put the official myopia story on the same level of credibility as some of the finest government war propaganda.

War is GOOD.  

So all the rants aside it appears that yes, you can have your job as a computer geek and still make plenty of 20/20 gains.  

The secret to success lies in your choices for the other (free) part of your time.  Are you living the default context, consumer corporate drone life, in front of stupid Facebook and Instagram and YouTube?  Or are you collecting interesting outdoor hobbies and experiences of your very own?

Myopia is just a little piece of the puzzle.  Find a great life.  And make those 20/20 gains.