We’re overdue for some 20/20 gains updates!

First up, Vivian making progress.  This is one of those updates that doesn’t fall into the category of unexpectedly massive gains, but rather the nice predictable variety.  And while your favorite guru doesn’t care what the optometrist says, many readers like the additional reassurance:

Conservative, most likely.

You’re likely to self-measure more improvement than the optometrist will confirm. 

We talk about this occasionally in the blog, with things coming down to measuring environment (lighting and chart type) and lens use.  If the optometrist doesn’t tell you the current diopters in front of your eyes, it’s difficult to know whether you’re in the process of getting overcorrected – a friendly supportive optometrist is ideal for a usable experience here.

Abo:  From -12 Already Down To -10

Next let’s look at an e-mail from Abo, who is walking his way back from the ledge of double digit myopia:


You may say, Abo is still in massive myopia territory.

Important thing here to realize is, outlook.  If you’re at -12 either static or potentially worsening, that’s a bad outlook.  You’re looking at a life behind massive glasses and possibly wondering whether you will lose your eyesight altogether.

Dropping two diopters from that scenario is a huge relief, showing you that it’s indeed possible to get your eyesight back.

Next up, Jordan.

Jordan: From -5 D Reduced to -3 D

Here we have a scenario where we’re moving from significant myopia, closer to almost low myopia territory.  Jordan is just a little over a diopter away from not needing glasses for close-up – which is a serious milestone.

Take a look:

Quality of Life

First step is to actually care about yourself.

Then the next step is the somewhat arduous one, of finding answers.  You’ll have to make it past the lens-sellers insistence that you’re a genetic wreck, then past all the Bates method unicorn famers, and finally question the sagelytude of a gloriously imaginary beard (although …).  And then you’ll have to learn and experiment and adjust habits, before you finally get to making 20/20 gains.

It’s no small feat, all things considered.

Let’s do one more!

Henry: Optometrist Confirmed Gains

This one has been sitting in the folder for a while, your custodian Lazy Jake is really terrible about sharing updates!

Interesting to note here that Henry was experiencing actively worsening eyesight before arriving at the gates of the guru-temple:

Quick fix vs. actual answers.

Progress, darlings.  Progress.

And yes, all of these guys should eventually end up at 20/20 eyesight.  It takes time and since there’s only one 20/20 update and potentially dozens of reductions along the way, you’ll see more updates than grand finales here.

I do try to post as many of your updates as I can, forgive me if yours didn’t make the list.  It’s never a question of quality or preference, just imagine my desktop having about four million to-do items on it, my e-mail unread count going up in real time all day, and things just barely making it in general.  

You’re making gains and I’m quite proud of you!  Keep them coming.