Wendy improved her eyesight significantly, over the past year.  

In the process, she figured out several tricks to save money on all the lens changes, and when to make the next reductions.  Get her  first hand account, from our FB group, in this post.

You know I’m phoning it in a little, when you see these post titles.

It’s probably the easiest and most fun articles to post here.  Improvement reports.  Also fascinating to me is how communication with you has been evolving over the past couple of years.

Used to be quite a bit of questions where endmyopia is even a real thing.  And trolling.  And every week or two, an angry e-mail from an optometrist or ophthalmologist of how Jake is satan and and how all the vision improvement stuff is a horrible disservice to humanity.

Then from that things transitioned to a lot more “so how do I fix my eyes” questions.  So much so that I hired an admin.

And these days, it’s mostly improvement reports.  Truly, really, most of my e-mail is thumbs up and thank-you note and improvement stories.  I try to post as many of them as I can here, though not all always make it.  You probably want to read things here besides just improvement stories.

I do want to get you all the stories though, and be the only one who gets to see them!

The endmyopia Facebook group should help you get more of your victory tales out to others.  Join us over there, not just for questions and teasing ole Jake, but also stories like Wendy’s:



Best part about these stories, they almost always include a few tricks and pointers for you.

There’s always something you learn along the way, things that make the process easier, more fun, or sometimes help you save some money as well – like Wendy figured out.

Whether you are one of my darling kitteh eye gurus in BackTo20/20, or whether you’re doing it all DIY style with just the site and free guides, do share your experiences.  As my experience over the years with e-mails suggests, it’s all of your contributions that inspire others to try as well.  It’s the collective enthusiasm and support that means the most, way more than just me talking.  ;)