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Put Away Your Wallet.  Improving your eyesight doesn’t have to cost a thing.  All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a bit of persistence, some curiosity, a little open-mindedness, and get ready to spend some time investigating, learning, and trying things out *(site content guide).  

On this page, some of the most recent first-hand improvement accounts from student readers, who used just the blog (not the famed and elusive BackTo20/20 program).  Read, learn, find your own inspiration.

Christiane: “Can Read Without Glasses Again!”

Diopters, schmiopters.   Let's talk important stuff, today. Let's talk goals and enjoying life and victories and all those sweet, sweet 20/20 gains you are hopefully making.  Because perspective is key, and it's all too easy to fall into the wrong perspective, but also all too easy to find the right one.  Let's take a look. A great e-mail for this topic, a nice initial improvement report from Christiane: "Read without lenses again ... " Milestones! People often ask me, [...]

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Andrea: Optometrist Confirms Myopia Reduction (-5.00 Down To -3.00)

-5.00 down to -3.00.  That's a 40% reduction in myopia, and confirmed by the optometrist.  Wow. The endmyopia library of individual improvement reports has grown quite impressively large at this point.  Spanning years and students from every walk of life, ages from 5 years old all the way to 90 and over, and from all over the world.   And these stories are everywhere, from my e-mail (and yes, I saved them all), to the BackTo20/20 support forum (obviously), all the way to social [...]

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Keith Goes Back To Wearing Glasses (20/30 – 20/10)

Some of the vision improvement voodoo on the Internet says that glasses are the root of all evil. Stop wearing glasses, they say. Which of course is sucky advice, since you end up giving up all of your clear vision.  And while your myopia will reduce to a small extent, it won't likely reverse your myopia or improve your quality of life.   It's why Jakey says, don't just stop wearing glasses. Instead learn what causes myopia, understand concepts like [...]

Mina: No More Vertigo Attacks! So Happy

Mina made my day today, with an awesome, brilliant e-mail.   Mina who was suffering from increasing eye strain and vertigo attacks, and now ... well, read this one for yourself: Hi Jake! Yes I have been enjoying the blog and have been doing very well with it.    When I first started reading the Endmyopia blog in September of 2016, I had been suffering from increasing eyestrain and frequent vertigo attacks that I finally attributed to my glasses and contacts (for many months, I [...]

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Overnight High Myopia Shock: 5 Year Old Goes From 20/20 To -5.00D!

Imagine, you have a young boy.  Everything is all fine and great, boys will be boys.  Until one day, that is.  One day which is today when he comes running up to you and says, all scared sounding and confused:  Daddy, I can't see!   Yikes!  You're freaking out, naturally.  Freaking out and taking the little one to the optometrist as fast as you can.   And this is where it all starts. Sit back and grab your favorite pipe [...]

Alisa: 0.75 Diopters Improvement (Just Over The Summer!)

People ask what happened to the e-mails.  Do you still get e-mails, VanderJakenhausen? Yes. Gainsville. A little tweaking there seems apropos, with the close-up habits. See how simple it is to diagnose where you're going off course?  Your eyesight shouldn't get worse with more close-up.  Improvement may slow, sure.  But you shouldn't actually be sliding back up to higher diopters.  If you are, some tweak action is in order. Housekeeping:  December is coming up, which means dealing with accountants and [...]

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