Put Away Your Wallet.  Improving your eyesight doesn’t have to cost a thing.  All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a bit of persistence, some curiosity, a little open-mindedness, and get ready to spend some time investigating, learning, and trying things out.  

On this page, some of the most recent first-hand improvement accounts from student readers, who used just the blog (not the famed and elusive BackTo20/20 program).  Read, learn, find your own inspiration.

Ian: “I Was Skeptical, But Wow!” (From 23 to 41 cm In 3 Weeks)

Your darling friend Jakey is the world's biggest skeptic. Getting ever so slightly older now, I'm realizing that while there are many benefits to this attitude, I likely missed out on various interesting experiences as well.  Sometimes people use language different than what you are used to, and that's all it might take for you to shake your head and dismiss new ideas.  New perspective is a tricky thing to appreciate.   Anyway.  Ian.  20/20 gains, that's today's topic.   Let's [...]

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Samuel Making The 20/20 Gains: -2.00 Down To -1.25 In 5 Months

*above, what all people in Finland look like ... more on that in a moment. The e-mail is the usual torrent of messages, and your darling eye guru has been getting lazy. Yes, it's true.  I've been neglectful about taking screenshots and re-posting some of the gains our readers have been making and writing in about.  Bad Jake!  Let's get back on that subject since it's so key, and one of my very favorite things about this whole project.   It's Samuel's [...]

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Ismail 280 Days Progress: -5.00 Diopters Down To -2.50 Diopters

Heads up:  Some unrestrained adult language in this following e-mail to House Van Jakerstein. As you read below e-mail, resist the temptation to ask me how Ismail did it.  Because kittehs, I don't know.  Giant overprescription plus lots of ciliary spasm myopia?  Maybe.  Is he overstating his -5  into a -7 because of the close-up distance?  While that's actually not entirely inaccurate, it's also twisting the numbers a bit.   Anyway, here it is: What do I say to this? [...]

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We’ve Been Sitting On A Goldmine

I really wasn't going to talk about the Facebook group today.  But wow, kittehs.  How can we not! Seriously.  Who knew what's been waiting out there. Join requests kept pouring in all day yesterday, I finally started putting a bit of a lid on accepting new members as we were barreling towards 400 members in less than 48 hours (how'd you all find the group, so fast anyway?).  Me being a bit of a crybaby I expected mayhem to break out, [...]

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Irina: From -6.25 Reduced To -5.50 (at 20/15), In 3 Short Months

Let's have another improvement story today, for "just with the blog".   While BackTo20/20 is peerless, amazing, super worthwhile, it's something you might want, not necessarily something you absolutely need.  Anybody smart, motivated, and persistent can use the free e-mail series and the blog, to get everything they need to get their eyes back.  Pinky swear. Here's Irina's e-mail, on the subject: Yay! Also see what I keep saying.  The only way you'll get answers, is by trying things yourself.  You can't stand at [...]

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Anna: 1.5 Diopters Improved! (How She Did It)

I feel like we need the next few days exclusively for reader e-mails.  It'll be the only way to get at least remotely caught up with some of the great improvement e-mails we've been getting. Here is Anna's awesome progress: Note too, Anna did this with just the blog (for those who like to cry how hard life is, clearly some motivation and perseverance pays off nicely).   Anna is getting back to 20/20, there's no question about it.  2017 is a realistic goal, [...]

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