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Put Away Your Wallet.  Improving your eyesight doesn’t have to cost a thing.  All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a bit of persistence, some curiosity, a little open-mindedness, and get ready to spend some time investigating, learning, and trying things out *(site content guide).  

On this page, some of the most recent first-hand improvement accounts from student readers, who used just the blog (not the famed and elusive BackTo20/20 program).  Read, learn, find your own inspiration.

Where Are My Gains?!

If you started recently and not seeing all the 20/20 gains (yet), this article is for you. Are you experiencing slow improvement rate?  Let's figure out the scenarios.   After a decade and thousands of students, we've got a pretty good profile for the average myope profile that we encounter here.  Give or take a few variables, this is very likely close to your own scenario, too.   The Average Myope Profile Let's see how close (or not at all close) you are [...]

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This Tea Tastes Like Fish (& Christina’s 1st Month Progress Report)

Your darling Jakey, updating the proceedings today for you from a very local flavor coffee shop in some very tucked away, very windy town. Somewhere in Vietnam.   It's not a tourist spot, that's for very definitely sure.  A vaguely bearded guru-face rode along so many endless miles of seemingly abandoned (and shockingly beautiful) coastal road, fate seemed committed to run me out of fuel completely and permanently.  No vaguest semblance of a gas station in sight for hours.  Jake would end [...]

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Kicked 2 Diopters: -6.25 Down To -4.25 Since August!

Warning:  This post turned into a tiny bit of a rant.  Yikes!  😉 Yes, "kicked diopters".  Because, let's look at diopters realistically.  They're not much else than a (manufactured focal plane) drug addiction.   You were fine without the diopters.  Then at some point you had a focusing muscle spasm (blurry vision) and the establishment said, wow great, come in here, we can fix that for you right now.  With this product.  With this subscription-based, come back next year, you'll want more [...]

Reader Mail: A Whole Lot Of 20/20 Gains

We get a lot of e-mails, with improvement reports and thumbs up on the endmyopia process.  I want to post every single e-mail of righteous gains individually.   Each is well worthy of its own post, celebrate the effort and results.   Too many though and we'd be here forever posting them all.  So today here is an update post on the improvement e-mails from the last couple days.  Read them all, they all should be offering bits of insight [...]

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Teddy: From -3.00 To 20/20 Without Glasses

Here's a type of question we get regularly: "Hey Jake.  I see lots of people's improvement stories, but what about getting back to actual 20/20?"  Valid inquiry, this. Here's what happens, for some perspective.  A large majority of the many progress reports are all about work in progress.   Diopters reduced, 20/20 gains made.  Consider that a person may have dozens of great improvement milestones, but only one final 20/20 story.   So you get a lot more progress reports, than [...]

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Jakey Didn’t Drown (& Will, From -6.50 To -3.50)

The title, part a myopia success story.   Will went to Gainesville, came back with all the 20/20 gains.   He started with high myopia at -6.50 D and reduced it to almost half that, at just -3.50 D.  Just another success story.   But wait. Let have a quick story time.  Jake vs. the ocean. Jakey's been learning to kitesurf.  Sport involving the ocean and a board, like a snowboard of sorts, and a big kite that pulls you as [...]

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