Let’s look at another quick e-mail and improvement report.  

Michael writes:

Quick and to the point.

He includes a chart of his progress.

Note that this one shows diopter reduction, though without the usual 0.25 increments.  While often we’re looking at centimeter charts where improvement equals more centimeters, in this case we’re looking at diopters going down as myopia reduces.

Logs.  Highly recommend!

That’s almost a diopter for each eye.

Michael also posts in the Facebook group, including this thread on this exact progress report.  While quite a few of our readers don’t do Facebook (me largely included, outside of running the group), I do like posts there.  It’s more transparent and less subject to concerns of the ‘fake’ testimonials that we all wonder about with a lot of Internet unicorn pony magic and ebook sales.

So keep those progress updates coming.  It helps a lot to keep newbies motivated, assuage the concerns of new visitors, and also I enjoy reading them quite a bit!