An update today from your favorite irresponsible e-mail chaperone.  

Yes, a Jake’s been a bit lagging in posting improvement reports.  Let’s fix that today with a particularly inspiring one.  As you read this one, think no help or support from the parents, no guidance from any optometrist, no BackTo20/20 membership.  Just the blog, determination, and the ability to put the various two’s and two’s together.  

Here’s Anne awesome e-mail:

Hats off.

Somebody is going to have no trouble finding success in life.

Parents don’t get it (and don’t bother).  The optometrist refuses to look reality in the face.  Anne, unfazed.  That’s real spirit right there and she well deserves all the 20/20 gains she is going to continue making.

I don’t post the zillion e-mails I get about how it’s so haaaard and how there’s just too much information on the site, and how there’s too much content to dig through, and the endless stream of case specific and diopter specific questions (not doing case specific support outside of the forum!). 

This is why it makes me happy to be able to post reports like Anne’s, who seem to be able to do just fine, figuring it all out.  

It’s not that difficult, really!

Of course I always recommend having parental guidance and approval (not endorsing Anne’s behavior here, but I can’t well stop anyone from taking steps to control their own myopia).  Having a supportive optometrist, even better.  If you’re over 25 a BackTo20/20 membership, ideal.

But the thousands of hours that have gone into research and writing of the blog are also here to help.  It’s all here, just waiting for you to take action.