Let’s look at a nice, solid vision improvement update from Chelsee.

Before we get there, note that while I mention the “optometrist confirmed” and “autorefractor results”, I don’t want to give that old timey myopia exam charade a whole lot of power or meaning.  The optometrist confirming improvements isn’t the ultimate victory – look at that checkbox as one more way to look at your 20/20 gains.  Something even the interestingly rigged eye exam can’t deny.  

The real measurement is what you yourself have in your log.  Your centimeters, your eye chart results, and most importantly, all the real outdoor distant text landmarks.  Trust yourself, trust your measurements.  Go to the optometrist just for additional validation and amusement.

(Also don’t even get me started on the autorefractor, retail optometry’s magic pet eight ball.  Or do get me started, see this whole autorefractor post.)

All right then.  Let’s look at Chelsee’s post:

Gains as far as the eye can see.

Keep up the great work, and post your gains (FB or e-mail me anytime).