Li posts in our Facebook group:

Progress update of my 7-year-old son

Myopia detected February 2017 (optometrist confirmed)
Right -2.25 cyl -0.25
Left -1.5 cyl -0.5
Spectacle introduced.

March 2017 (computer check at optical shop)
Right -1.75 cyl -0.25
Left -1.5 no cyl
Spectacle adjusted.

April 2017 (optometrist confirmed)
Right -1.50 no cyl
Left -1.25 no cyl
Spectacle adjusted.

Here are the changes we made. I wrote lengthy, but is just a little change.
– distance during closed up activities (Children unconsciously see closer when they are focusing. As and when, we remind him to distance book/toys/drawing)
– manage closed up time (20 minutes reading time, he needs to get up and do some other things. Before this, he spent hours in reading)
– I may not have lighting problem. Hubby said the LED bulb should be full spectrum.
– outdoor time. (It becomes part of daily routine. It substitutes TV watching time. Before this, we rarely spent outdoor time.)
– increase sleeping hours. (He used to sleep late, and now he sleeps earlier)
– spectacle only for school white board reading (we ask him to take off his spec during non white board time, I went to the school to inform teachers on this)
– most important – daily active focus practice (by reading a few pages of his most favourite books, and he sees his centimeters improvementp)

We told him that we will reward him with his wish toys if our target centimeters is achieved. We also assure him that he can still wear a spectacle in school if he wants. I can give him a zero dioptre spectacle, if he feels good wearing it. We also give him little treats as and when rewarding his effort in striving betterment.

To parents who have the same mission as me, do read and understand the 7 days emails and endmyopia website. The emails means a lot to me, I read them many many times to figure out the action plan for my son.

I am fortunate that I come across endmyopia. Thanks Jake for your generous knowledge sharing. Would want to treat you a coffee when you come to Kuala Lumpur.

Towards 20/20. I hope to update the group again soon.

That’s a nice bit of progress and confirmed by the optometrist.

Li also posts various other pieces of her approach and experiences in the group.  

Heads Up:  If you do join just for Li, please note the group rules about asking informed questions (not just “so how did you do it” – this blog answers most of that), and not to send unsolicited private messages to members.  Otherwise you might get blocked by Jake and then no more group goodness!

There are no shortcuts.  Li did what all parents should do, which is either read a lot of the guides here on endmyopia (there’s a whole section for child myopia!), or join BackTo20/20 and do the adult program (ideal if a parent is myopic, for first hand experience before working with the child).  

Between all the Internet unicorn pony snake oil nonsense, and the mainstream optometry highly questionable treatments, endmyopia is quite possibly the only real destination for proper holistic & natural myopia control.  If you don’t want to be told to use cornea damaging lenses for your child, or weird eye exercises and random plus lenses, come hang out with us and have a nice read around the blog.  

Myopia is an entirely avoidable problem.  Keep your kids eyes healthy!