Following the theme of the past few reports, this one straight to the point.

If you’re wishing for more gratuitous commentary and digressions (no Jake, you’re thinking), those will hopefully be back soon.  Schedules being rather tight lately with sunshine and travel, the old guru is only managing the bare minimum of blog updates for you at the moment.

Let’s look at the update teased in the post title:

And there we have it.

You know how much your favorite bearded grouch likes to rant about retail optometry.

Fact is though that there are plenty of individuals that are cool, amenable, curious, open minded.  The industry sucks, the dogma sucks, the mindset is unsustainable.  Collectively we’re a shortsighted species, in every literal and figurative sense.  It’s the grand irony of all the things.

What’ll be first?  Will none of us remember natural 20/20 eyesight, or will key species go extinct or our oceans entirely polluted or the planet just turned into a desert of greed and corruption?

We only get what’s right in front of us.  Seeing far is a gift, a level achieved, a matter of escaping the default cultural context.

Corny, yes. But how far is the statement actually from the truth?

Shut up Jake, you’re thinking.  I’m here for my myopia, not for the Jake-cult 101 pitch.

Here’s a bonus improvement report, then:

Nicole’s words, not mine.

I promise I don’t specifically pick these e-mails.

They are as you see them, a notable bit involving optometry and ophthalmology support.  We might not be doomed after all, if just enough of us start working out the benefits of moderation and not pursuing every possible bit of instant gratification all the time.  

If your optometrist isn’t supportive, remind yourself that you’re in a place of business, and you’re the customer.  Vote with your wallet.  Find someone who supports and encourages your journey, those guys are definitely out there!