Not much blog posting lately, apologies darlings!

Your favorite eye guru is still alive, currently effort is going into make video versions of the 7 day free e-mail guide.  That and some highly overdue bug fixes on the site, and some BackTo20/20 updates, and also researching doing maybe more interactive video stuff with you guys.  (Webinars?  Maybe?  Time zones and Internet speeds, still working it all out.)

But let’s clear a few progress reports from the backlog, today.

Starting out with Wayne who recently also took on helping out our exploding Facebook group (over 7,000 members already!) with some moderating.  Here’s Wayne, making gains:

Weekends, good for eyes!

And then there’s Hector, who has been making some optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains as of late.  Always nice to see that even the lens-sellers can’t deny that less myopia is a thing well within the realm of possibility.

The update:

Got too long to screenshot – find the full thread in the FB group.

Also in the Facebook group, Al posts a great progress report.

This is a good one, with multiple diopters of myopia reduced.  It’s quite beneficial to the whole community to share your updates, to keep adding to the collective voice that ending myopia is indeed within everyone’s reach.

Al’s update:

Really deserves its own post, this one.

And lastly, the report teased in the blog title.

Really key, these experiences.  Getting past several milestones, right down to -2 diopters, almost to where you no longer need glasses for close-up.  This is what you want, ongoing, methodical approach for consistent improvement.

The update:


I’m always and forever going to keep posting these updates.

There is all the clinical science that we talk about quite frequently.  That’s the theory, the foundation, the science to point to which explains why and how all of this is possible.  But then most importantly there are the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of first hand experiences actually putting the gains into practice, showing that not only it *can* happen, but that it in fact *does* happen.

Who’s reasonably going to counter-argue science and countless first hand experiences, many of them validated by optometrist measurements?

People making excuses, that’s who.  And ones with questionable motives.  

Keep making (and sharing) all your 20/20 gains!