Written By Despina
Contributing Optometrist

I have recently been reading about a certain well-known contact lens manufacturer’s latest innovation, named the “Myopia Management System”.

It is described as a holistic approach to minimizing myopic progression, and is aimed at myopic children and those at risk of developing myopia. It is marketed as a more effective alternative to other methods of myopia control, such as atropine, Ortho-K and bifocal/progressive spectacle lenses.

The company recommends the use of their new daily disposable, dual-focus contact lenses, a design based on ‘breakthrough technology’, combined with lifestyle changes such as increased time spent outdoors. They point out that studies show time spent on outdoor activities is one of the most prevalent factors associated with myopia.

The contact lens incorporates a ‘treatment zone’, which creates 2.00D of myopic defocus, ie. it is is a zone of reduced minus power intended for near vision. No more technical details are given online.

Anything ringing a bell?

OK, so you and I are suspecting that this breakthrough technology might be based on studies from a few decades ago, the very same ones that Jake points us to Endmyopia. But it’s a start, things are heading the right way as more and more people, for whatever reason, are acknowledging that this is the way forward.