James built an Arduino myopia measuring gadget.  So cool!

Basically it measures distance.  Yes, it replaces the trite peasantry tools of 15 cent measuring tapes you could just buy online with next day delivery and then hold next to your head and a book.  

Like some sort of cave person.  

Why would I build an Arduino measuring gadget, you don’t ask?  For the level of unneeded complexity that will give you the skills to find yourself as the sole survivor of the impending Zombie-Tesla-robot-uprising apocalypse.  Clearly.  You can build both hardware and add code to make stuff?  You’ll be Will Smith out there.  Will Smith would absolutely build this.

Check it out:

He includes all the relevant hardware creation bits:

Along with that, he also offers the full code for the contraption.

Head over to his page to see all of it, plus more of the Arduino optometrist in action!