A while back we did an episode on Jimmy Moore’s excellent Real Talk Podcast.

As much as your favorite old Beardly is an introvert malcontent with a deeply rooted disdain for schedule, I do podcast interviews.  For le cause.  For les unsuspecting myopic kittehz.  Because who else is going to troll retail optometry the way they deserve to be trolled.

Here’s a short clip from that chat:

Yes yes the Beardly Sage is a cringefest as you’ve come to expect.  Also the topic is something you’ve heard all and everything about.

Still.  I like Jimmy and he’s done about a thousand episodes on his combined podcasts.  He’s a bit of a legendary legend.  If you’re looking for ways to cut screentime, especially at night, have a browse through his episodes for some audio goodness.

And there’s plenty of podcasts we’ve been on.  See some of them here.

Enjoy and go forth, make some 20/20 gains!