Some say that Jakey may occasionally seem like a bit of a tyrant eye guru.  Guru VanCrankypants.

Most of that though, just predictably appropriate responses to various types of questions.  For instance if you were to ask how long till I’m at 20/20, Jake.  Or, how many people got to 20/20, Jake?!!

It’s like going to see your business advisor about starting a business and your first question being, when will I be a millionaire.  Or going for your first run and posting on your favorite runners forum asking how long before you’re going to be head of the pack at the marathon race.  You’ll get the same sort of eye rolls and responses from anyone who’s worked hard in a given field long enough.  Grasshopper status, skipping all the milestones.

On one hand it’s a fair question to ask whether any given method will get you to your ultimate goal.  On the other you have to realize that respect for the journey and those who took it can be a good idea.

Here’s Mantas, on the journey:

Gains being made.

Like anything worthwhile in life, it takes work.

Answering the question whether the method works is something you can do by looking at the biology, optics, investigative science available on the subject.  You can also look at the very large library of individual progress reports.  And ultimately you may choose to try the method yourself.

And while you do, realize that it can be wise to do your homework first, and ask educated questions.  

Realize that Jake VanCrankypants had to go so far as to pay a full time admin just to weed out the hundreds and hundreds of “can you help me” questions and emails and comments that come in daily and never-endingly.  

Tie my shoes for me, mom.

Look at Mantas above.  He’s making the gains, continuous solid progress.

You can also see Mantas questions (and my answers) in the BackTo20/20 support forum.  Or his comments in our Facebook group.  Whether you go DIY or structured approach, I make sure that you have every opportunity to get your eyeballs back on track.

Time to make some 20/20 gains!