A Trove Of Eyeball Updates

It's that time again. 20/20 gains!

May 29,2022 · 2 min read

The wholiest of wholy guru hasn’t beguiled you with a summary of progress updates, lately.

I know what you’re dealing with.  Neglect.  It’s awful.

That old hooligan spends way too much time playing with illegal sidecar rides, and not enough on the Library of Eyesight-Alexandria here.

Let’s library-ize.

First off, Tom.  Tom makes me wonder who big endmyopia is really getting, with this story:

Interesting, right?  Random?  Who knows.

Then, a very kind update from Alejandro:

People are awesome.

Next up, proof that anything you say online, can and might be used against retail optometry dogma:

Like seedlings.  Just a mention somewhere, a random review, might change someone’s trajectory.

Daniel here is changing his trajectory:

Endmyopia is such a relatively easy thing for massive self improvement.

Even if you don’t pay ole Jakey for it.

Here’s a nice -6.50 to -4.50 gains update, to round out this summary post:

Love the e-mails. 

Some days I feel ‘rich’, at least in the aspect of being able to contribute something positive to our shared existence.  Trite as it sounds, it seems surreal and humbling and exciting and at least partially undeserved.  Being able to find a thing and share a thing that reaches you, out there, and has you making positive changes to your life.

Amazing stuff.  

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