Are we doing the right thing with @endmyopia?

Why aren’t we monetizing the living cr#p out of a fairly awesome myopia control method, in which there is a decade of fine tuning and perfecting invested already?  

I do have days where I think about it.  Human nature, get whatever we can for ourselves.  Upgrade the lifestyle.  There’s always a bigger house, a bigger boat, a bigger hot tub with more girls to put in.  

But then there are stories like this one from Abhineet from the FB group:


That sucks.

Why is Abhineet in this completely awful situation?

You know he’s right at the verge of being completely screwed.  The only thing worse than blind from birth is going blind after you had some time to see the world.  And -22 diopters , that’s hanging on by a thread, his eyesight.

Why is he at -22, exactly?

You know why.  Sure, genetic component.  Sure, not entirely and only glasses to blame here.  But he was at -13 at one point, and the treatment paradigm now has him at -22.  And because that’s how everybody thinks.  Upgrade their lifestyle.  Pay those bills.  Not question the rules, not speak up, not open the mind, not ask where all this madness of myopia is coming from.  That’s how we go collectively myopic as a species (think of how ironic, literally and metaphorically).  We don’t do great things for ourselves, each other, and our planet even, allowing all of this shortsightedness.  

Keep sharing your experiences, insights, success stories.  Help make the most of this resource, so those looking for answers have a place to find them.