Welcome back, kittehs!  You know one of my most favorite kind of stories?

It goes something like this.  Guy (or girl) wears glasses.  Guy (or girl) hears from a friend, or from the Googles, that there’s something fishy about the mainstream myopia story.  Girl (or guy) digs in, becomes a student of the endmyopia ways, begins improving eyesight.  Optometrist visits ensue which confirm continually improving eyesight, and lower diopters.

You say, well Jake.  Not sure why you’re always such a cranky guru then, being that these kinds of stories seem to happen all the time.  

And you’d be right.  My crankiness is genetic (heh!).  And the stories do indeed happen frequently.

Here’s Andrew, in the forum:


Rock ‘n roll, Andrew.  20/20 gains, grudgingly (but without curiosity) confirmed by the optometrist.  

Original thread, if you have access, is here.

The forum is full of really extra interesting posts lately, and I’ve spent more time than usual answering questions about all sorts of things, in all sorts of detail.  I keep meaning to repost some more of that here but then I get lost in browser tabs and distracted by new and shiny stories (like Andrew’s, today).  

Also noteworthy, -2.25, Andrew is about to head into no-glasses-for-closeup territory.  Those are exciting times.  Two diopters is a major threshold for going glasses-free.  Starting out at close to 4 diopters, getting to 2 diopters is a whole different world.

Congrats, Andrew!

Housekeeping:  There’s casual talk being kicked around about a Cyprus meetup.  We’ve got Despina there, two (I think?) students in the forum, a reader in e-mail mentioned being in Cyprus today, there’s also a Russian optometrist with a shop there willing to work with lower diopters.  Odd as it might be, Cyprus could end up being a first bit of a real life meetup.

Speaking of real life, to facilitate some conversations outside of the forum, I put up a (closed) Facebook group today.  I’m not promising Jake-support there (besides being an admin), just an exploratory additional venue for discussing disposal of the nerd goggles.