Ashish: Reduced From -3.00 To -1.50 (In 1 Month)

Let's dazzle the world with some more gains today, kittehz. GAINNNNZ. Ashish: -3.00 To -1.50 This one caught a bit of flak in[...]

Jake Steiner

Sep 15,2019 · 2 min read

Let’s dazzle the world with some more gains today, kittehz.


Ashish: -3.00 To -1.50

This one caught a bit of flak in the Facebook group:


Improvements aren’t entirely objective, at all times.

Initial gains though should be celebrated and used as a stepping stone to building solid habits and a long term outlook towards getting back to 20/20 – and staying there.

Diana: -4.00 To -3.25

A nice update:

Opto confirmed, no less.

9 months is a long time to find active focus.  You really should get it within a few weeks at most.

Akash: -6.50 To -5.50

And another very nice post:

Love the ones with ‘prescription’ pictures.

A diopter a year is about what you should expect.

Also, yes to the pictures of the gains.  Every so often somebody huffs and grumbles at yee old eye guru, asking for “teh proofs”.  As in, they like to imagine that we somehow owe these most random people photos and explanations and exhibits of our own journeys.  I usually like to remind these individuals that we have nothing to gain from these very one sided (and somewhat entitled) inquests.  

And yet, it’s worth admitting that there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in showing off the supporting documents.

Enjoy it while you can, random demanding Internet people.

Shanti: -3.25 To -2.50

Speaking of documentation …

Wait for it …

So there.

Didn’t fit all into one screenshot, this post.

Here again, yes, obviously.  Your eyesight’s biology works exactly as expected.  Stimulus response system.  It’s entirely unnecessary for me (or anyone) to continue cataloging hundreds, and thousands of the same thing happening, when you address strain and stimulus factors.  There’s something oddly satisfying about it though, plus it’s a celebration every time someone takes action and gets back some of their proper visual acuity.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!


-ElJaques Conquistador Barba Muy Grande 


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