Optometrists.  Oh, boy.

Optometrists are like the many mushrooms you might find in the forest.  There are great, tasty, go-ahead-n-eat-em mushrooms.  Also and conversely, there are holy-crap-should-not-have-eaten-this mushrooms.  All of them, tasty or poison, called mushrooms.  And many of them, look curiously similar to the untrained eye.

Untrained eye, indeed.  

There are great optometrists out there, much like good mushrooms.  And there are what may be possibly the other kind, like whoever this guy is that Boneco found out about:

That seems a little dodgy.

Some optometrists will sell you glasses, no matter what. 

20/20 vision?  Staring at screens makes your eyes tired?  Oh sure, that’s possible.  But you’re not leaving here till I sell you some 20/10, ants-from-space-vision, darling.  

That’s what they do, is sell glasses.

The less than ideal mushrooms.  Poison your eyes with minus lenses.  Myopia for life.

But then there are the good mushrooms.  I made you a list of them, at least as a starting point, of worldwide potential good mushrooms.  You’ll still have to do a bit of your own homework, but the foundation is all there.  Isn’t Jake just a swell guy all around?

I also made you a quick video on the subject of good vs. bad optometrist.  

The video also contains the question you should ask, to tell whether you’re dealing with a good optometrist, or a lens-seller:

Spared no expense making this one.

There are guys out there who’ll talk to you about close-up eye strain.

Guys (and gals) who know about ciliary muscle strain, about the perils of a ton of close-up, and not just try to give you minus lenses which you’ll have to wear for life.  This is what I’d want for my own vision health, and it’s what I want of you, at least as a choice.  It shouldn’t be all about sales and profits alone.

Endmyopia opens the door on a global myopia profiteering practice that’s otherwise hidden out of sight.

We open the door with science talk, combined with the power of first hand individual accounts, blowing the whistle on various deplorable sales practices masked as ‘medical help’ and ‘treatments’.  Good optometrists should be thrilled about this, finally starting to see a small island emerge from an otherwise endless ocean, a group of likeminded individuals getting together, taking the bul****t out of the myopia mainstream dogma.

That’s it.  

That’s all I’ve got for you today, hopefully you enjoy these bits.  Drop me a line with your improvement updates, optometrist experiences, myopia related stories.  Or post them in the Facebook group.  Be part of the little island of darling kittehs who renounce the nerd goggles.