There’s a daily routine I try to stick to with #endmyopia.

Part of it, checking in on the forum, and writing a new blog post for you.  Another part, going through the Web sessions and updating one every day from the old course, to my updated sessions.  Some things we keep from the original, others are tweaked, expanded, improved.

And then I dig through my notes, studies, source material, for the extended sessions.  When I took over here, I committed to extending the original 8-week course to a full 52 weeks.  It’s another huge undertaking.  No way around it though, I want you to get every last bit of what I learned over the past decade.

Today, time to update the topic of the plateau.

The plateau.  You do all the things you have been doing, the things that have been giving you more centimeters and lowered prescriptions.  You are doing them, but for whatever reason, improvements stop happening.

When you do things like eye exercises or eye yoga or eye-whatever-hippie-talk, the plateau is basically the end of the road for vision improvement.

Because of course, all those things don’t really work (past some initial improvement).

But even with proper rehab, you get plateaus.  You get them with anything involving physical stimulus based activity.  Runners get plateaus, weight lifters get them, and they all have strategies to get past the inevitable stop in progress.

As do we.

It took me years to really get a solid handle on how to deal with plateaus.

What now looks so obvious, boiled down into a single 20 minute session, was a whole lot of accidental discovery, trial and error, and student feedback.  I really do need a guru-esque beard and some props to infuse the seemingly simple teachings with the gravity of what it took to get there.  You read it and you basically never end up staring at centimeter logs and wonder what happened to progress.

Lucky duck.

And the looking glass.  Another simple stimulus trick, once you understand the premise.  Simple but oh-so effective.

I hope you enjoy these sessions as you go through them.  Or if you’re just following the blog, I do include a lot of the core concepts at various points.  And the archive goes back several years, and has lots of nuggets of excellent actionable advice as well.