Behind The Scenes: Jake?! What Happened To The Site!

It’s official. The dogs have been let off the leash.   Hounds, is it?  One of these days we’ll have to get a bit more autobiographical to help you make sense of what madman is […]

Jake Steiner

May 23,2015 · 4 min read

It’s official.

The dogs have been let off the leash.  

Hounds, is it?  One of these days we’ll have to get a bit more autobiographical to help you make sense of what madman is at the wheel here.  Why Alex insisted that I take over this site and all of the associated headaches.  There was a rather nice list of proper optometrists who offered Alex good money, but he insisted that I do it.

Because Alex is sneaky.

Or maybe just because he knows me well enough.  I can’t just let things be.  I’m not good at just doing something “just good enough”.  It usually starts out inconspicuously but sooner or later you find me in full blown “Jake mode”.

That’s how I became successful in finance, which was very competitive and full of smart people (smarter than I, they’d be quick to point out).  But I just wouldn’t let things go.  It became my calling card.

Eyesight was that for me again, on a personal level.

Once I realized that I had been lied to, that the whole “oh it must be genetic” narrative is BS, I started digging.  And digging some more.  And turning it into a hobby.  Notebooks filled with scribes from meeting with proclaimed experts.

Why all this self indulging here, now?

Because the site has been bugging me since the start.  Trying to maintain some legacy.  Appeasing the many professional readers (you don’t know, but there are all sorts of industry insiders who stop by here and then send me critiques).  

It’s been too messy, complicated, confusing.  Too many things to click, too much to look at.  Scrolling navigations and tiers and layers and dropdowns.  

And it doesn’t matter really, what I like.  But it doesn’t work for first time visitors.  You come you see, you want an answer.  You probably don’t have half a day to click around and read and wonder if this is just another one of those eye-yoga hippie productions.

Well maybe you specifically did (I guess we have that in common, yea?), but most people aren’t that patient, or persistent.

What you see here today, the first round of changes, is step one in simplifying this whole show a bit.  Who knows if it’s the right way, but we’ve got to get better at this Internet thing.  I can tell you that so far it’s not bee doing great (in terms of first time visitors who stick around, cold hard numbers, as well as a lot of feedback I’ve gathered).

But not to worry, everything will still be here.  Active focus, how to measure, the basics, it’ll still be around.  But now it’ll happen as structured introduction, in e-mails, to those who really care.

And we’ll have a resource page to get all those things gathered together, for those of you who have a membership to the site (thanks for your support!).  

It’ll all be far from perfect for a while.  But we can’t continue to look at visitor stats that say “people are confused”, and all these links and content that’s been around for years, never updated, never edited, never put into some kind of order.  We can’t keep hoping that people will just figure it out, without some direction.  We have to do better.

And absolutely, the course and things will be working as usual.  The blog will be around as always.  The forum is unchanged.  It’s just the driveway, as it were, that we’ll be changing around a bit.

And I’ll get back to talking to you about things that help along with your eye journey.  Promise!


– Jake Steiner


Jake Steiner

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