Some time ago I responded to somebody asking on Quora, whether myopia can be cured.

The other day I revisited the question, and the results were rather quite surprising.  Thirteen people had responded to the question besides me, including an optometrist, an ophthalmologist, another M.D., a hospital representative, a vision-unicorn-pony seller of some kind of miracle cure, a blogger, and various others.

A bunch of people from various perspectives, answering the question whether myopia can be cured.

Upvote:  The Truth About Myopia

The interesting part, besides their answers, is how the reading public responded to the various points of views and answers.  You can “upvote” Quora answers, and of the 13 different responses, one stood out to have won the public’s vote in particular.

You’re probably not surprised at exactly who:


Why indeed.  

Go look at the whole thread on Quora.  It’s fascinating.

Give people a choice between truth and lame surgery sales, bullshit sales tactics for surgery (or magic ebook cures), and they’re smart enough to tell the difference.  They can tell, by a rather very large margin.

To see my full response along with everyone elses, click here.

And yes, as of this writing, more than 50 (!) people voted for the endmyopia answer.  The next closest answer (as of this writing) had … eight votes.  That’s doctors, hospitals, specialists, you name it, their answers fail to convince.  We simply crushed both the mainstream, and the snake oil contingent.  

That’s a potentially promising future we can look forward to.  More people are presented with a meaningful alternative to surgery and magical ebook cures here at endmyopia.  We talk science, we talk actionable myopia control strategies, we talk success stories reversing myopia.  Our Facebook group doors are open to inquisitive minds, our YouTube channel is ready to accost various senses.  We’re not trying to pay the bills on a lens sales shop, and we don’t have a warehouse full of eye vitamin pills that need selling.

These musing also available in video form (YouTube “can myopia be cured”):


Jake gloating.

Awareness about alternatives (and ways to apply natural myopia control) is growing, even if the messenger is Van Cranky McCrankypants, and his face.