Some days I find my finger is stuck, just hovers over the delete button.  I feel like if I press down once now, I’m not sure if I can stop.  Just keep hitting the button over and over deleting e-mails till everything marked ‘reader inquiry’ is gone.  Just a blank, white screen, task complete.

Imagine the moment of peace.  All questions averted.  

Everything I would answer anyway, can be found in the blog.  Questions that couldn’t be sorted with a search, fairly rare.  They’d be fine, really.  As long as they can figure out how to search, and read, they’d find their answers.

And everybody who I want to answer questions for, is in the forum anyway  So what’d be the harm?  

Here’s the e-mail my finger is hovering over, today:


Sure, if you’re not jaded, you could answer that.

Imagine hundreds of e-mails a day though, and all the times you’d have said the same things over and over already.  Imagine thinking about Casey’s question, him just having listened to an hour and a half of me on a podcast explaining myopia in all sorts of painstaking detail, and now having felt curious and motivated enough to e-mail the above note.

Did I say nothing at all, in that hour and a half podcast?

Or is it … trolling?  You know, maybe Casey is double over laughing, like snorting laughing, belly hurting, heaving trying to catch is breath head on his keyboard.  His roommate going, wait, wait, let’s throw in, ready, let’s throw in the Lasiks.  Make sure’ it’s got an -s at the end of it!  Casey unable to breathe at all, hiccuping from laughing so hard his belly will hurt for days.

Did I delete the e-mail without answering?  I honestly don’t remember now.  I just grabbed a screenshot of it the other day, thinking … can’t let this stuff go to waste.