Yes yes kittehs, it’s been a while.  Yet again.

Uncle Jake has been experiencing some endmyopia burnout.  Is experiencing it, still.  That and actual business projects have been taking over more of the schedule.  Gotta make them monies on occasion, since unlike what the pea brain haters online like to imagine, this whole project isn’t exactly a goldmine.

It’s a 20/20-gains-mine, though.  

Let’s dig up some of the recent gains reports that the bearded one has saved for you.  First up, Michael:


The difference between 3 diopters and 2 diopters is huge.

At -3 you pretty much need glasses for everything, below -2  you’re in no-glasses-for-closeup territory.  And that’s half as many things to keep track of, and getting pretty close to being at that last diopter.  Plus of course, he saved $8.000 and all the future headaches he would have had with LASIK.

Hey, how much of that $8.000 saved makes it towards funding the upkeep of the misty mountain guru temples?

That’s right, zero.  And I’m not even complaining, except when nitwits start in with the ole’, “oh Jake this is just another way to get all my money”.

Let’s not get Jakey started on all that, though.

Instead here’s Chiang:

250 centimeters.  Let’s just call it good-as 20/20.

And yes, 250 cm’s isn’t quite 20/20.  (calculator)

Close enough though where you can forget about glasses.  Myopia?  Yea, not so much.  More like some minor tweaking with a little habitual distance active focus.

Astute readers may notice the copy-paste in this one is from the BackTo20/20 forum.  So for once, Jakey did actually make some money.  Thanks for the support, Chiang!  Doing things for free is nice, getting something in return, a lot nicer yet.  And yes you might say, Jake you don’t actually need the money.  Even if that’s conceivably true, don’t say that out loud unless you’re also doing work for others for free.  Every day.  While dealing with trolls and plzzz-bro’s and some of the world’s dumbest Youtube comments.  (seriously, never ever read Youtube comments)

Either way though, it’s all good.  Helping out darling supporters as well as the countless almost equally darling freeloader kittehs because we all should/would/might be a happier species not being all about the greedy bits.

Here, Stephen, getting away from the greedy bits of mainstream optometry:

Half diopter.  Aka 250cm.

Purely coincidence, those results.

For some reason half diopter is where we’re at today, with more than half of our improvement updates. All this to continue making the same point hundreds of times here in the blog, about how myopia is only made real by those who stand to profit off your ignorance of basic human vision biology.

It’s weird that after all these years there are still people out there wearing glasses, imagining that they’re somehow broken.  You could blame Jakey for not doing more Internet promoting.  It’d be easy enough to do.  Maybe one of these days the old guru will get more into the capitalisms and make the endmyopia-monies and with those buy a bunch of Facebook ads trolling mainstream optometry (and raising some myopia awareness).

Not today, though.  Today, just hoping you’re still making all those 20/20 gains.