Gains report time, darlings.

This one to balance our last post, where unfortunately an old guru about went off the rails again, discussing the collective ineptitude of the so-called vision care establishment.

Ss with everything in life, it’s not all one way.

Today it’s the opposite of the less than stellar experience we looked at yesterday, with clearly someone who knows what they’re talking about, and supports their customers (not ‘patients’, since we’re not sick here). Check it out:

So there’s that.

I post all of these experiences here for you, to help you start seeing the bigger picture. Tough to do when you maybe only have one provider who you trust – but then taking a step back and being able to look at what hundreds of others experience, you start to realize that it’s a widely varied field of varyingly-professional opinions.

The take-away? Make thems gains, kittehz! Your eyes are made to give you clear vision, and will do so if you just let them.