Friends. Darlings. Kittehs. Let’s pray together for a moment.

“Dear Lucky Gods, don’t let ole Jakey VonBeardenstein get into a massive, giant, endless rant again, today. Thank you, Lucky Gods. Amen. Om Shanti. A bientot.”

(substitute your deity of choice as appropriate)

Why the prayer?

Because we live in interesting times. We live in a time where we’re about to overcome the old timey dogma of paternal, authoritative “medical” personas. Google, the Internet, all the tools we have available now allow us to explore symptoms, treatments, biological underpinning, and studies. We can connect with others with similar symptoms and find collective answers that in some cases reflect more insights and context than one hurried, overstressed, underpaid ‘doctor’ you may see for a 6 minute consult at a clinic.


And even if none of that is relevant if you have myopia, because of course myopia isn’t a medical condition. Myopia is refractive state, darlings. Your eye, perfectly healthy, responding to external stimuli.

How novel. Also, how entirely rationally logically factual.

But then still we have ‘doctors’ push the old timey dogma, not fully adapted to the fact that we now can look at the exact same resources they do, we can now possibly exceed their knowledge and overcome their bias. Not in every case surely, as experience counts for many things. Though often enough we’re no longer the blind sheep, the clueless little lost nitwits who have to pray to the almighty doctors to oh, please Holy Doctor, share your divine wisdom with us!

Especially and again, myopia. GTFO, ‘doctor’, with this ‘it’s an irreversible medical condition’ nonsense.

Let’s look at the subject of this almost-rant:


This just gets embarrassing after a while. People are going to start accusing an old beard of taking pot shots at the simple minded. After all, who in their right mind is going to keep telling you that you’re a genetically broken wreck, while literally looking at you having reduced your myopia to basically lens free status?

Keep sharing your experiences. The collective voice is what will help us overcome the old timey myopia nonsense.