A lot of improvement stories lately have come and gone, without quite getting featured here in the blog.

I do post more of them in our Facebook group, which is quick and easy since no actual blog writing is required.  Take this blog section of improvement reports as definitely more of an occasional highlights collection than an actual ticker of all the 20/20 gains being made.

20/20 gains!

Here’s David and some very solid progress on that front:

Bitsness as usual.

Steady gains is exactly what you want.

Steady means good habits, and good habits means more likely ongoing improvement.  You don’t want to have to remind yourself to do some exercises every day, or pop some magic unicorn vitamin pills.  You want just your regular every day life to give you all the gains.

Spoiling us you are Jake, you’re thinking.  

And that part for sure is true.  

Also potentially true is that people will think you’re weird for actually being intent on improving something about yourself.  Or even just caring about your well being.  Or not just popping the pills or faithfully and blindly trusting the ever trustworthy, ever accurate, ever knowledgeable mainstream – over a clearly obviously totally legit Internet guru type.  

Go for it.

Deadpan and un-ironic.  That’s how you explain it for maximum friends-trolling effect.

Om shanti, kittehz!