Dentist Reduces His Myopia: -3.75 To -1.00 | Shortsighted Podcast

Laurens is not the (metaphorically) shortsighted type. And thanks to some Internet sleuthing, he is almost no longer the literally shortsighted type, either.

Jake Steiner

Apr 17,2020 · 1 min read

Here we go, we have another podcast episode, kittehz!

Today we’re chatting with Laurens, our very own Le Meow forum administrator, dentist, father, and quite in control of his eyes focal planes.

I quite enjoyed this chat, hope you will as well.

Or if you prefer to listen, here is the audio:

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Laurens also posted some excellent guides on getting rid of sugar, teeth related content (there’s a huge tooth remineralization thread in the forum).  Well worth following him over in our Le Meow forum.




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