Your favorite darling eye guru loves reading your feedback on all things endmyopia.

A lot of times that feedback takes the form of questions, which tells me that there are possibly things I have to spend more time addressing.  Sometimes it’s plateaus and lack of progress, which present the interesting challenge of figuring out where and how our approach may have gone off track.

And sometimes the feedback is just a great, nice thumbs up:

Kind of best case scenario, here.

Think about it this way for a moment:

Ole Jake is by himself, having a coffee, writing things, and looking at stats that say many thousands of people are reading the Website.  And of course, there are the awesome BackTo20/20 participants, supporting all of this project.  For the most part I have no idea what you’re experiencing, and often times it makes me a bit anxious, wondering if all is well, if I put out enough helpful guides, and especially if paying members are getting the best possible support and 20/20 gains.

All that just to say, do once in a while shoot me a quick message, let me know how you’re doing.  Free DIY or paid program, I always wonder how your eyeballs are getting on, and if you’re enjoying life with lower diopter dependence.

Do keep me posted, and keep making all the 20/20 gains!