A big shoutout to Pauline from Douce frugalité for translating the whole entire free 7 day newbie eyeballs guide to French.  Yay!

So if you are French or otherwise enjoy things written in French, stop over here to get the whole 7 day guide straight from Pauline’s site, all properly in your tongue of choice (as long as your tongue of choice be French, yo).  

She also has a YouTube channel and fancy Instagrams and lots of vegan ideas.  

Accompanying the guide translation, Pauline also posted a video on the myopia subject:


Note that a lot about endmyopia is supported and enhanced and made entirely possible by you, the community around this project.

If you like what you’re getting here and have some skills, ideas, or otherwise desire to see endmyopia grow, drop Old VonJakey a line anytime.  No man (non gender specifically) is an island, mes chéries!