Step into the Holy, Unholy Temples of MEOW, darling kittehs.  For some 20/20 gains.

No matter whether you’re arriving here with high myopia or with low myopia, it’s all just refractive states.  And those refractive states are simply a matter of stimulus (and strain).  You can see what you want to see.  You can see what you habitually see.  If all you see is screens, eventually all you *will* see is screens.

Om shanti shanti, kittehs.  

Or if we are going to be less weird and amusedly philosophical and more realistic and practical for a moment, let’s see what Eva has to say about her own 20/20 gains:

Making moves.

Yes, it all sounds like a stretch if you come from believing everything the dear doctor sells tells you.

Nobody is here to talk you into or out of anything.  This, all simply a casual sharing of randomly fortuitous changes in people’s distance vision.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people’s distance vision.  Or thousands even if you were to go to our Facebook group, the largest of its kind by far.  You may find yourself in the Temples of Meow, unwittingly, realizing that seeing indeed is believing.

Stop it Jake, you’re thinking.  You’re making my head hurt.

A morning of Vietnamese coffee, looking forward to a long kitesurfing day.  Makes a Jake a little crazy around the edges.  Either way, make yourself some 20/20 gains today!