Does high myopia (or any myopia really), and a lot of close-up work make it impossible to reverse your myopia?

That’s a definite frequently asked question.

The answer to this is simple:

If you don’t have an endless screen addiction you’re feeding outside of work hours, you will be fine.  This caveat is a big one, since most of us have a giant addiction to staring at screens.

Here’s Kasmin’s issue, and Brenda’s experience:

Work is fine, constant recreational screen use is a problem.

Our eyes are quite forgiving.  

You can get away with long work days in front of screens, as long as you have some excellent outdoor (or indoor, non-close-up hobbies) that take up your spare time.  That’s the goal and with the right habits you learn here at endmyopia, you can make all the 20/20 gains, even with an office job.

And here’s more on this topic, in video format:

Get some outdoor time!