The Four Hour Eyeball (NEW BOOK!)


I want you to know about what goes on behind the scenes here at endmyopia, at least once in a while.  The relative amount of people who at least figuratively aren’t short sighted is very small, and while we’re the ‘biggest’ in our arena, in the scheme of things it’s a tiny, tiny thing.

For now.  

And since it’s tiny, it’s also quite personal.  I read your e-mails, I follow your Facebook threads, I even face thoughts of my own very voluntary mortality by sometimes reading Youtube comments.  

Your input and feedback and thoughts and progress reports shape endmyopia’s future.

Besides you, there are also others.  There are accountants who say, why do you bother Jake.  You make in a day of trading what you make in 11 months of your pointless endmyopia obsession.  Accountants who ironically and I’m not making this up, all wear glasses.  

Credibility Is Key

Then there are marketing types.  

Marketing types who say Jake, up your credibility factor.  If you’re going to be doing this, might as well make it big.  Be big.  

Re-brand yourself for mainstream appeal, Jake.

Got your re-branding right here.

You probably know a Jake by now.  Nothing would please me more than have every last bit of every last mainstream f*kface come knocking on our doors, “hey Jack help with my eyesight plzzzzzz“.  That’d be swell, honestly.  

Plzzz, Jack!

Never going to happen.

What is fun here is feeding the premise of question everything.  Including what you find here.  Especially what you find here.  Don’t look for warm and fuzzy trust inspiring titles and imagery.  Be prepared to enter a haunted house of wizards and sideways talk and who knows what’s for real.  Learn to think, not accept dogma.

Maybe somebody else will come along.  Somebody motivated by fame or money.  Change this Jake-paradigm.

You know. like a Tim Ferriss type.  

The Four Hour Eyeball 

Just imagine it.  Yea of course it’ll be a whole lot of promoting things and commercial tie-ins and hope-sauce and self help circle jerking that sells things to the masses.  

That’s how success works.  Appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Engage the idiots.


Never going to happen.

Idiots want to know how to get in shape in four hours (heh).  Or how to work four hours a week which honestly hasn’t worked for anyone ever, including the self help spam queen Tim Ferriss herself.  If you want anything you have to want it bad enough to suffer for it.  To fight your biology which is set on conserving energy or fight the hordes of competition who will work more than your 4 hours to get success.

But the marketing dudes are right.  

If Jake got a chiropractic and acupuncture doctorate from St. Helens Of The Internet School of Diploma In Four Hours, if Jake paid a good PR team to be on Dr. Phil, if Jake offered dues to some journals to publish his name, the four hour eyeballs would start rolling soon thereafter.

So This, The Actual Update

Hopefully you’re at least a little bit relieved.  No Four Hour Eyeballs.

Come on Jack. Plzzz?

Never going to happen.

The pirate flag will continue to fly.  Things will continue to be weird (and weirder, hopefully).  Don’t be afraid to do things because you want to, not because of some potential financial gain or personal gain or fear of losing out or just plain ugly, feral greed.  

Be weird.  And see really, really far into the distance.



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