Quiiiick one today, kittehz.  20/20 gains updates.

This one, also available in video-rant format: 

Going there.

And of course here is the text-rant version.

First up, our headliner:

Not sure of the fear mongering backstory on this one.

Will leave this one for you to ponder.

And here’s a good one, exactly how I’d say one should approach the mystical forests of endmyopia:

Test all teh thingz!

Another great one, tactically practically almost back to 20/20:

Almost no more lens dependence.

Here some solid parenting:

Natural focal plane.

Solid gains here too, with Irina:

Props to the blog.

Video version of this one coming soon.  (once my phone Internet completes the upload, in about seven million years)