NYT Best Seller, Amazon #1, Podcast: The Endmyopia Episode

We have a great episode on Brad Kearns GetOverYourself podcast, getting into all things eyesight and glasses. Have a listen.

Jake Steiner

Nov 05,2020 · 2 min read

Darling fellow kittehz, it’s time to meet Brad Kearns!

From his own site:

Brad Kearns, 55, is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record setting professional Speedgolfer, #3 world-ranked Masters age 55-59 track&field high jumper, and former national champion and #3 world-ranked professional triathlete. He has written twenty books on diet, health, peak performance, and ancestral living, and is a popular speaker, retreat host, and face of the Primal Blueprint online multimedia educational courses. In 2017, The Keto Reset Diet became a New York Times bestseller, and briefly ranked as the #1 overall bestselling book on amazon.com.

Brad hosts the Get Over Yourself podcast, covering healthy living, peak performance, and personal growth with his carefree style and lively sense of humor. Brad promotes a nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle transformation program he calls the “Mofo Mission,” designed to optimize male hormone function in order to maintain passion and competitive intensity throughout life. His signature morning regimen is a six-minute plunge into a chest freezer filled with 38F water to build focus, discipline and a natural hormonal boost.

Brad recently had us on his excellent podcast.

Check it out here.

Brad is a genuinely high-energy, positive, and inspiring person.  This not just marketing fluff talk on Jakey’s part, but heart felt endorsement.  Brad is also very much personally enthusiastic about improving his eyesight so we had a quite genuine and interesting podcast episode.

Take a listen, and please do support Brad with your likes, comments, re-tweets, and all your favorite social media bits!




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