As usual, we’re way behind on posting improvement reports.  

There are quite a few I didn’t manage to put here from the Facebook group, assorted e-mails, we’re really getting a lot of visit to the city of (20/20) Gainesville these days. 

Here’s Ian’s progress, and an excellent summer goal: 

Doable, this one.

I bet Ian will indeed be spending quite a bit of his outdoor time without glasses, by summer.  

It might not be unquestionable 20/20 yet in all lighting scenarios, but it’ll be close.  A scenario where you can leave your glasses at home for a walk, or go to the pool or the beach and not loose your friends, sans glasses.  

I remember that time.  Getting more and more time without putting stuff on your face, sometimes forgetting you’re not wearing glasses, reaching for your face to take them off .. and there’s nothing there.

Makes you smile, this sort of accomplishment.

Let’s add Kavish to today’s roundup too, since he too is right there in low myopia territory:


The numbers always have more wow-factor, when it’s a lot of diopters.

In this case, it’s just a half diopter here, a little bit there.  Look at that though, that’s 30% improvement for his Kavish’ eye (since December!), he’s getting closer to equalized, and of course lower astigmatism too.  That’s how you clean up those focal planes and get ready for glasses-free 20/20.

Nice work, Ian and Kavish.  Keep the updates coming!