Guixiao: 8 Year Old Son’s Myopia REVERSED

Today, just a quick one.  No epic rants, no momentous digressions. This one is for you if you have kids.  If you have[...]

Jake Steiner

May 22,2018 · 2 min read

Today, just a quick one.  No epic rants, no momentous digressions.

This one is for you if you have kids.  If you have kids and you’d rather not have them become socially awkward, withdrawn, afraid of sports and physical activities because they’re now stuck with glasses.


Myopia is a refractive state, nothing more.  And the eye is designed to change refractive states based on environmental input.  Don’t buy into the “genetic illness” propaganda talk.

Her’s Guixiao’s first hand report:

There we go.

Refractive state.  Dynamically adjusting based on external stimulus.

That’s how the eye works.  Anybody who disagrees with the statement doesn’t understand basic (and at this point entirely unarguable) vision biology.  It frustrates your favorite eye guru to no end when people start to argue above point.  It’s literally a matter of reading a biology book.  It’s not a matter of opinion or ‘belief’ or any kind of debate.  Not a question of whether there’s a god or not.  It’s biology, not philosophical musings.  

Biology books.  More optometrists ought to read some.

Archer FTW.

Yes, the rest is absolutely arguable.  Whether the guru’s approach to reversing myopia has merit.  Whether the glorious beard by itself could cause a solar eclipse.  All that can be debated for certain.

Though would you rather debate myopia control or just try it?

There are the (sh*t) talkers, and there are the do-ers.  Fine, tell me why you can’t lose weight or why you can’t quit eating sugar, or why you can’t stop playing video games.  Why your Facebook and Instagram are just so important that they deserve three hours of your attention every day.  Those are usually the myopia-can’t-be-reversed little keyboard warriors.  Screen addicts in denial.

Not you specifically.  A little preaching to the choir here.

Go make some 20/20 gains.  And keep your kids away from the lens-sellers.




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