Darlings.  Kittehs.

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Today, let’s look at a problem that’s not all that uncommon:  Parents trying to help their kids improve their vision, and the kids not cooperating.  There are about 4 billion ways that those little bundles of personality will refuse to work with you, altogether making child myopia a topic that an eye guru would rather just pretend he knows nothing about.

Way less potential troubles than trying to help parents out.  Just go hey, *shrugface*, who knows.   Kids are a mystery to us all.

But then we get these here kinds of e-mails:

Exploit the love!

All the countless non-exagerrated-ever decades and eons of talking to myopic darlings, and dealing with parents and kids, of actually even having involved a child psychologist on various occasions.  At this point even the halfwit that is Beardly McOldface knows of too many ways to trick the wee ones into cooperating.

The solution for this (common) scenario is entirely excellently simple:

Everything is easy once you know how.

I’m not saying this will work for your child.  But over the years countless parents have used this basic trick with great success.

But do realize that no VonBeardenstein will take any responsibility for anything you do, ever.  We share stories here, and you do whatever you want with them.  Humans are complex things and nobody can provide you one piece of code that’ll unlock every scenario, every time.

Takeaway here is simple.  Think creatively.  Understand what the little ones want, and then use their desires as leverage to get what you want.