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Screen addiction, accepted as part of life. I don’t plan to escape modern reality. Instead of defeating the phone, spending time finding additional ways to entertain various moments.

Part of the recipe, always looking out for potential ingredients for adventure.

For example, a couple months back spotted one of these tiny, quite light, 125cc off-road capable motorbikes. Turns out they’re only about $2,500 here (“only”). Figure the cost of entertainment, plus the net cost is really what you’d sell it for – deprecation, the actual cost of ownership, the way I justify it. 

This bike: https://www.instagram.com/p/CH2fs0TnEVM/

Bought it on the island where I was at the time. Knowing it’s small enough to put on the train, take on the ferry, easily ship it anywhere. Not any big fancy BMW world touring contraptions.

No off-road or bike plans at the time, but you know once you got it, your brain will wander towards finding uses for it.

Then had to leave the island for some business. https://www.instagram.com/p/CISfYh9HJW4/

Couldn’t come back, things got busy. Had the bike sent up to the city. Which since it’s tiny, cost only about $60 to send halfway across the country. Neat.

Then another “corona wave” hit, and things turned into a very last minute escape, before the lockdown would go into effect. Ride bike to train station, spend an extra $30 for having it come along.

Nice train ride. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJlSrRmss0P/

Of course all kinds of silliness happens whenever you let yourself get pulled into unplanned adventures. And also looking plenty silly. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKBEWv1smI9/

Add up all the hours this little contraption is causing to not be spent tempted by screens.

Found random elephants, hot springs, an off-grid sushi restaurant in the middle of nowhere, and all sorts of very random entertainment since. Things that wouldn’t have been remotely tempting, if it wasn’t for a tiny off-road bike, that you just want to take out and ride around all over the place.

Not really doing much social media photo stuff or video stuff, clearly missing out on opportunities there for ‘marketing’. Some funny moments, like definitely imagining having booked a neat bungalow, but discovering an actual shack. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKTAx00s0M3/

Moral of the story? Yes correct, be a trust fund child. 

Or if not that then, keep on the lookout for adventures, and tools and people and things that may inspire adventures in the most unplanned (or … planned) areas of your ongoing life adventure.

There we go. 

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