How To Measure Eye Strain (Animated)

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Jake Steiner

Jul 29,2021 · 1 min read

A big issue preventing vision improvement is eye strain.

Jeeeees.  You and that screen addiction that we totally won’t bring up here.  

Lots of things can slow down or compromise your 20/20 gains progress.  There is of course our troubleshooting playlist.  

And I’ve written and written and video-ed plenty about eye strain.  And it’s been wiki-ed about.

So while yet another video shouldn’t be necessary, I made you one anyway:

Super short, and not even a Jake face in it.  You win.

Not sure how many more animated videos we’ll make since they’re expensive and time consuming.  And as most work here it’s all done for ingrates and freeloaders and plz-bros who’ll spam my inbox with “gimme the stepz” messages regardless.

Yes, ole Jakey is still grumpy and not a fan of humanity.  Many of you are selfish and shortsighted and suck in general, judging by the 300 measly reviews we’ve managed to get in the last 15 years of helping hundreds of thousands of people without making them pay a dime.  

Go make some 20/20 gains.  Don’t ask me for the steps, bros.  




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