Written By Despina
Contributing Optometrist

I’ve always said this, that ignorance is bliss, and the older and wiser I get, the more I believe it to be true.

Since my monumental first reduction in myopia, I have excitedly been telling anyone who cares to listen, in the form of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Their reactions have helped me group these people (and people in general) into 3 main groups:

  1. Super-interested – These people show a genuine interest, ask for details and are keen  to try it for themselves. Pro-active types.
  2. Semi-interested/ In denial – These show a vague interest but are too busy/lazy to get involved. May also think their myopia is not bad enough to bother with. They suggest that they might, in the future, look into it, but they can drive really well even without their -3.00.
  3. Glazed expression – Jake knows this type. You can tell you’ve lost them as soon as you begin to speak, as if you are talking about voodoo magic. These guys are not worried about any myopia complications like retinal detachment, glaucoma or cataract..or even global warming for that matter. Perhaps they don’t understand the risks, I don’t know. They happily put on a correction day after day and not even consider the possibility of changing the situation.

Anyone else noticed these reactions?

The fact is, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink (sorry, I’m into expressions today). But people have a right to choose, and need to be informed that this option now exists. If they choose to carry on as they are, that’s fine. It’s their choice. But they must have the choice.