Let’s start this all off with, eye guru.

Going to see an eye guru is like trekking up the faraway mountain to the old, wizened Kung Fu guy, with his wispy Kung Fu guy beard and all his old timey pottery and his Bonzai tree garden.  Clearly this isn’t a doctor’s office.

Medical disclaimer: Jake is no Kung Fu master.

All that said, most people have no idea that there such as thing as vision therapy, mainstream and degrees and all.  There is.  Google behavioral optometry and you’ll find all sorts of that stuff.  We even have a list of them, worldwide and everywhere.

Some of them will take a stab at helping you control your myopia.

Before you ask if they’re any good, let’s just say mileage varies.  I obviously published a list of them, so we’re clearly not against that path.  It’s great to have a local resource.  It’s great not to have to rely on not-kung-fu Jake types.  Definitely and absolutely go check out that option.

Now with that out of the way, let’s look at the flipside.

I spent a number of years talking to every type of vision therapist I could find, all over the world.  Being that a Jake’s got both excess financial resources and a lot of time and was looking for answers, I saw a lot of specialists.

And there’d be no endmyopia today if I had gotten definitive answers and fully satisfactory help.  There were lots of clues and interesting pieces and wise insights, absolutely.  Indians saying go outside and see things, Russians saying wear glasses only when you need them.  Austrians saying stimulus and Americans saying hyperopic defocus is no good.  It’s all out there.  Even some good therapists.

Which brings us to the last point of this post, back to the title-promise.  


You might find a good local behavioral optometrist, absolutely.  Can they gaze into your eyes and proclaim with confidence “up to 1 diopter in the first 90 days and 1/4 diopter every 3-4 months thereafter”?   (video version)

Probably not.

They probably don’t have hundreds of first hand improvement reports for you to look at, they probably don’t have a thriving Facebook group of darling kittehs, or a generously bearded YouTube channel, or hundreds of completely free how-to guides online, or a year’s worth of structured guides and an invite to literally ask them questions every single day.  

That’d be insane to expect, realistically.  Just consider above, how much time (and the monies) would all that take to create, to maintain, what would that be worth?

Yea yea.  You know it’s here and you know it’s free.  You’re a spoiled little darling brat, aren’t you.  

Less so if you get actual professional help:

A couple G’s, about average cost.

Just consider that reality.

Is the saying true, you get what you pay for?  No doubt, yes.  Online unsanctioned, unlicensed madman rants, vs. a nice exam room and a guy who actually went to school and know’s what he’s talking about (no irony to read between the lines here).  Don’t get into the habit of trusting weirdos on the Internet.

But also consider reading some science here, come to your own conclusions, become your own expert.  

Trust yourself.

And then go see a local specialist, well armed and confident and knowing what questions to ask.  If at that point you feel a few thousand dollars for a handful of visits are still worth the money, then you know they’re worth the money.  And that ultimately the value of this site, even if it is indeed … free.