Time for a quick flexing on the everybody (who still perpetuate the old timey myopia boogey man story).

Our Facebook group has been growing at a really consistent pace, at 20+ new members most days.  And that includes all the culling of likely fake/troll/side accounts, and all the banning of those plzzz-help-plzzz types.  The latter hopefully to prevent bringing the conversation down to pre-kinderarten levels.

Jake, give ur toyz plzzz!

No advertising or promotion either, just organic growth from this blog and otherwise word of mouth.  

Check out these figures:

Temples, indeed.

What does this tell us?

For one, total membership number translates into a very high percentage of actually active members.  It’s not just another social medial show pony, full of bought likes and inflated numbers.  Instead we’re going for actual community and conversation and benefit to readers of this very blog.

Also, clearly there is a pretty notable demand for better answers to myopia.  An Internet blog written by a fake, real (fake?) eye guru and his imaginary (but obviously real) beard is garnering thousands up thousands of active group participants.  That’s a little odd, isn’t it.  This isn’t after all some highly respectable Dr. VanSteinerbuilt official clinic, full of degrees and accolades and institutionally validated trust.  This also isn’t a major publication (which, go try to find a myopia relevant publication with a group larger than ours).  This is in fact as non-endorsable, and non mainstream as you can get – and yet we so very easily rule them all.

Think about the mind-boggliness of it all.  We are the largest myopia community on Facebook – itself the largest social media platform worldwide.

And yet numbers don’t really matter.  What it boils down to is your individual journey back from corporate-endorsed myopia.  The numbers just show us a bit about just how much your journey and progress reports and conversation contributions matter to others.

Or, you say.  It could really just be that gloriously guru-esque beard, Jake.


-El Chaques