Jake Reacts To YouTube Comments

When to equalize, when to stop wearing glasses, and more.

Jake Steiner

Dec 04,2021 · 1 min read

Well …. it was first intended to be more of a bit of self-amusement.

Because mostly YouTube comments seem to be plz-bros asking for the steps and people making fun of my prosthetic beard (body shaming!).  Also the various comments from lens-seller apologists of how Jake is fake and all that.

Which, Jake of course is fake.  The mere notion that a 100 billion dollar industry would be lying to you, is quite well in conspiracy potential territory.  Can’t fault anyone for doubting our story.

Either way though, here’s comments and my thoughts:

Hopefully useful!




Jake Steiner

Reformed stock trader. Kite surfer, pilot, vagabond. Father. And of course - the last of the living, imaginarily bearded eye gurus.

Topic:  Nearsighted: Q&A

Nearsighted: Q&A

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