Another quick announcement today, from your darling major of Gainsville.

Marissa e-mails her 7 month update which of course has already been spoilered by the post title.  3 diopters in seven months, one might call that respectable:

That’s proper low myopia territory.

You could wonder about all these lowered diopter stories here on endmyopia.  How are all these gains possible, Jake?  My optometrist tells me that myopia is genetic and can not be reversed!

The most likely answer of course, endmyopia students are genetically superior.  You see, sadly most of the general sheeple human population is eye-genetically deficient.  Don’t ask here about the science details, only the optometrist can explain to you how human genetics mutated in the past century to be particularly susceptible to requiring fashion frames and 2-for-1 lens sales.  It’s a curious retail lens sales genetic mutation, indeed.

We here at endmyopia cater to the few, the proud, the genetically non-deficient.  The only way to find out whether you’re part of that lucky club is to start with some self myopia help and see if and how your eyes respond.

Best of luck.  ;)