Matt recounts his progress in this forum post, today:

Hello fellow endmyopia readers! I have some good progress to report. Last year, about April 2014 I was wearing a prescription of:

OD -5.00 *-0.75 *177
OS -4.00 *-1.00 *177

On the way to high myopia and all the risks that come with it. I remember, I couldn’t see my wife when I woke up first thing in the morning, or the alarm clock, without glasses on my face.

I stumbled onto the site last year when it was Frauenfeld Clinic after trying some Bates stuff and other things I found on google. Once I started reading the blog and forum, and implementing good eyesight habits, I was able to reduce my prescription a few times. I was all set to do another one in January, then I lost three jobs and put my eyesight improvement project on hold. I had too much personal stress to focus on eyesight improvement. My brain and emotions had enough to handle without adding changing focal planes, so I decided to stay with a full prescription for distance, to enjoy clear vision, and simply practice good habits to prevent my vision from getting worse until I regained some stability in other areas of my life.

I’m happy to say that I’ve now got my career back on track, so it’s time to pick this eyesight project back up. I just did another nice prescription reduction to:

OD -2.50 *-0.25 *177
OS -2.00 *-0.50 *177

50% reduction from where I started last year. I can see the 20/20 line on my snellen with this prescription while using active focus. Without pulling focus, 20/40 is not a problem, and 20/30 is close to being clear. Overall, vision is pretty clear when I concentrate, but I definitely need to give my brain time to adjust. I probably will take it down again after 4-6 weeks to see what things look like. I’m stoked to be heading towards the -1 land for future prescription reductions, especially when I remember what my vision without glasses was like just over a year ago.

Jake, and everyone who posts on the forum, thanks for what you do! I can’t fathom how I ever would have figured this stuff out without your help. Now, I’m on the way to having clear vision without glasses. It feels like a miracle to watch my world becoming clearer in front of my eyes.

I won’t spoil the magic with more words.  ;-)