Continuing the streak of progress reports, today is Melissa’s turn.

This one is in centimeters which of course you can also directly convert into their diopter equivalent.  You’ll note that I often recommend that you measure at least three dimensions, including close-up via centimeters, as well as eye chart, and a real outdoor distance landmark.

Here’s Melissa’s progress update:

We get spoiled with all of these updates.

The main piece of excitement for Melissa here is that her eyes equalized, showing no more noticeable diopter ratio.  Good news since it’ll be that much easier to switch between focal planes – and of course, new lens shopping with be quite simple.  

Takeaway from this one?  Keep a log of your measurements!

If you have high myopia, it’s also worthwhile measuring while wearing differentials.  It’s a lot easier to do and you can simply subtract the centimeter equivalent of the diopters you are wearing to get the equivalent ‘naked eye’ centimeter values.  

All that and do keep me posted on your progress!  (e-mail or Facebook group post)