Moose Butt

We talk about numbers a lot, when covering vision improvement reports.

That’s all fine and good.  Tangible.  Relatable.  Quantified data, not emotional unicorn farming.  This is largely the environment created by your darling eye guru, so we don’t fall into the trap of the subjective, the flowery adjectives, the faith and shanti unicorn pony zoo.

Once in a while though we need to remind ourselves that the end result isn’t about numbers.  It’s about something much more.

Janna, in the forum:


This is what you’re doing all the work for.

Your life will change when you take back your eyeballs from the optometry establishment, from the for-profit symptom treatment, from the fake nonsense that is all modern myopia “diagnosis”.  

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Endmyopia Facebook Group

Don’t make me get all weird on you right now.

Let’s quantify the moose butt with a quick peak at Janna’s chart, which gives us the reassuring hard data that says, hey.  I’m making the most righteous 20/20 gains.

Gains.  Doubt it, or do it.



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